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Saturday, April 21, 2007

ADIEU to my school life

The fourteen years of my school life are over..and i am waiting to see what the future has in store for me...standing in the crossroads of life ...i've been through one phase of life and its really hard to imagine that its all over..i'm no more a school kid...i have a lot of responsibility now and will not be spoon fed anymore....my world is changing and soon i would have to enter a new world,new people,new friends and new environment...and what not ...

Everyone will agree with me that school life is one of the best parts of a person's life..the innocence with which we entered school...not knowing what is expected of us there..how we would adjust to the new environment...and many other mixed emotions ....after that we learnt that is was just a home away from home... we made new friends...grew up with them and they became a part n parcel of our life... we had fun there with them ..and now we find it difficult to leave the gates of our school....to leave our friends ...but of course not the memories...

Memories play a very peculiar role.
They make you laugh when you think of the times you've cried.
They make you cry when you think of the times you've laughed.

Yes it does......

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