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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friendship Meter

This is how most ( I do not mean all, most ) Friendships work.

Day 1
Friend 1 sees Friend 2 in Facebook and  after going through the list of Mutual Friends, sends Friend 2 a request.
Friend 2 sees the request from Friend 1, sees the list of Mutual Friends and accepts the request.

Day 2
Friend 1 sends a message Via Facebook. Friend 2 is happy to receive a message from the new Friend and replies immediately. Then Friend1 replies and  then Friend 2 replies and on and on ...

Day 3
Friend 2 sees that Friend 1 is online in Facebook and Pings Friend 2 . Friend 1 and Friend 2 chat for while. They just talk generally about their friends and classes and stuff. They decide to have a chat the same time the next day. 

Day 4
Friend 1 and Friend 2 chat for  a while. And for a few more days as well.

Week 2

Friend 1 and Friend 2 exchange their mobile numbers and  keep messaging the other. Initially they send forwards and those messages which requires us to fill in a questionnaire about friends. 

Week 3

Friend 1 and Friend 2 chat about their friend's circle. And their opinion about the people they know. 

Week 4

Friend 1  and Friend 2 seems to be messaging all the time, Be it a reply to a forward or a joke, or just a smiley, they are with their handset most of the time, chatting with the other.

Month 2

Friend 1 and Friend 2 become the best buds. They share their Interests and have a good respect for the other. They remember even the insignificant details of the other, which they might have mentioned. In a nut shell. Friendship Blossoms. :)

Month 3

Friend 1 and Friend 2 lessen their messaging pace, but still have an occasional chat and catch up with each others lives.

Month 4
Friend 1 and Friend 2  do not get time to be in touch with each other, but an occasional "Hi" from one, leaves them chatting for about one hour.

Month 5
Friend 1 and Friend 2 are reminded about their Friendship when they get random Friendship forwards from the other

Year 2
Friend 1 and Friend 2 very rarely get to talk with each other, but each time they do get a chance they promise that whether or not they get to talk, they'll always be Best Friends Forever.

Year 3
Friend 1 and Friend 2 think about the other, when they find something which reminds them of the other. Friend 1 sends a message to Friend 2, who is busy, When Friend 2 gets back,Friend 1 is busy.

And so it goes......


  1. Good one dear and very nicely written:)

  2. hahah :) that was me over there yaar :DD friend 2 ;))

  3. @ Harini
    Thank you :)

    @ Saru SInghal
    Thank you so much :)

    @ India's no.1 Blog

  4. omg really?! Am glad none of my friendships fall into this category!

  5. lol!!! an in depth analysis into friendship and facebook ;)

    well written

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  6. @ Anand
    Thank you :)

    @ Shrinidhi
    I Guess so. :)


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