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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lokpal In. Corruption Out?

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Lokpal might be the beginning to the End of Corruption, or at least containing corruption. Thanks to Anna Hazare for that. But how did this actually start? The concept of giving and accepting bribes?

It started when

A common man, Despite knowing that he is not fully qualified to take up a particular job, but trying all possible means and ways to get it by hook or crook, goes to a higher official, offers him a favour, in return for a job.

A hawker, knowing very well that he is not supposed  to set up his Kiosk at the Platform, bribes the Local Police Officer, for allowing him to function at that particular, prohibited spot.

A common man, who hasn’t handled a steering ever before in his life, but somehow wants to ‘Buy’ a License, bribes the officers and coaxes them into giving him a license, by offering them a bribe.

A common, but busy person, who cannot spare time to wait in long queues to complete a process, bribes the officers there, to move his papers quickly, so that he can save time.

A common man, caught for violating traffic rules, offers to bribe the Police Officer, instead of facing charges legally.

And the list is endless.

So basically, we, the common people of the Nation, are to be blamed for planting the idea, that things can be accomplished by bribing the people concerned. They accept it, because we give them. If not for our greed and lack of patience and selfishness, this problem which our country is now facing, to the extent of threatening the progress of the country, would have not been what it is today.

What I’m coming to say is, it’s not just enough or fair to complain about the People in Power and Authority. They are to be blamed, yes, but they are not the only ones. Even we are all to be blamed. Anna Hazare has, with great difficulty, got the Government to pass a resolution regarding the Lokpal. Let us make sure that his efforts do not go down the drain. Next time when you are prompted to bribe someone for your work and your interests, please think of Anna Hazare’s efforts, and do your small part to save the Nation.


  1. Nicely put, you raise an important point of whether the common man is also a party to corruption. Well there are two forms of bribery, one that is coerced and the other that is given voluntarily. Lokpal will do away with the first one but not the second. But then again, who will watch over the Lokpal?

    I have written a post examining the psychology of those who pay bribes. Feel free to visit it here - http://nrsmedic.blogspot.com/2011/08/will-anna-hazare-succeed-in-curbing.html

  2. A classic example of "As u sow, so u reap"... Earlier we were responsible for sowing the seed of corruption to make our life easier... now that has become a full grown tree with deep roots... Uprooting this tree is going to be a herculean task indeed... there is no point in playing the blame game any longer...

  3. Ashwini, Don't you think it starts from childhood? When parents say, "Do this and you will get chocolate for a daily task which the child has to do?"

  4. @Debajyoti Datta

    Yes Sir.If one is voluntarily giving someone a bribe,there is nothing which can be Done. And about the Lokpal, I totally agree with you Sir.

  5. @ Swathi
    Exactly. People should learn to stop playing the Blame game.

    @ Spicy Sweet
    Now, why din't I not think about that. So true. So these children practice the same values that their parents taught them. And here we are blaming only the politicians.

  6. very true- but lokpal has done enough to get the agitation amongst the masses.

  7. very well said and defined common acts of life, kudos :)
    But people below the line of life bribes in unavoidable occasions, Max in thousand rupees, but people at power corrupt lakhs in thousands,
    yes true common is responsible for planting corruption. It should be eradicated first, superstructure will fall without a strong base!
    we need a strong base from common man level.
    Good and a short work.

  8. You have brought out an important point- supply generates its own demand! So who are we to suddenly get a guilty consience and complain? BTW you might want to read my post on the Indian middle class - deals with a similar theme! Ciao!

  9. @ Confusedyuppie
    Yes. But as someone said, lakhs of people supporting a bill, in a country where there are crores of people, would not make much difference.
    Still lets remain optimistic.

  10. @ Deepak
    Thank you :)
    Yes, thats what even I say. The common man must first know not to give bribes. Yes it has to start from the Bottom of the social hierarchy

  11. @ Meera
    Exactly. And Sure I'll check your post :)

  12. Well said

    Bitter truth !!

    keep blogging :)

  13. @ Vatsan

    Bitter truth Indeed. Thank you :)

  14. Well, I dont agree that the movement went futile or represents some kind of hipocrasy on anybody’s part. The buyers and Sellers of bribe are to be blamed but the real reason behind the existence of buyers and sellers of bribe is not innate desire or some cultural thing. Same middle class happily does not give bribe when they are in west or far east. Same Americans happily give bribe when they are in South East. We human beings (and not just Indians) tend to abide by laws which are strong, effective, without much loopholes, with strong enforcement and punishment associated.

    Then there’s a perennial problem of demand supply gap, bad policies, loose laws, fractured vigilance and law enforcement agencies, ruptured judiciary etc. All of this has to be corrected slowly and over a period of time and it will happen by more participation of the ever venerated middle class only. Soon they will learn to vote and bring in necessary changes in politics and this movement has reinstated the confidence.

  15. @ Nitin Jain

    All said and done about supply gap and ruptured judiciary, you are leaving out one basic thing. Since this concerns the masses, this has to be tackled from the Bottom and then gradually to the Top, rather than the Top Down Approach which was suggested.


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