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Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Versatile Bloggers

As per the Rules of The Versatile Blogger Award, I'm supposed list 7 things about myself (you can read it here) and Pass on the award. So Here are the Bloggers, who I feel should receive this award.

Anand of Life's like that. He writes about life in general and it is a pleasure to read his posts. He writes so very well on simple things in life, which most of us have either forgotten or taken for granted. I am a great fan of his blog. His post, Don't haste in life is one of his best posts(what I feel).

*Abhishek Ranjith of Diary of a Narcissist. His posts are hilarious to read. I mean it. It's so rejuvenating to read his posts. He writes on instances which happen to everyone of us, but still his perspective and the way he sees the humorous side of simple things, makes him stand apart. After reading one post, I made sure I read all of his posts. You should read them too. You will enjoy it for sure. I like all of his posts, but to mention the best of the best (according to me) Frequently asked questions in my life, Tech Dummies  and The South Indian Glossary

*Soumyadeep Chowdhury of Ideas Forum. He writes on a range of topics, which includes, Politics, Social Issues and Related topics. One thing about his blog is, he conveys his emotions very well, in a manner which will reach out to his readers. His post , Is it a curse to be born as a girl child, is my favorite.

Congratulations  :-)


  1. Thanks a ton Ashwini... This is my first blog award (yeah!!!) and am honored.. Thanks again.


  2. I have my exams morrow and this post brought a smile on my face :)

  3. @ Anand

    Anytime Buddy :) I can totally empathize with you, having received my first award a few weeks earlier.Cheers :)

    @ Abhishek

    Good luck with your exams. Glad that this brought a smile on your face. :)

  4. Hey congrats :) And yes, thanks for stopping by and joining me ! Keep smiling :) :)

  5. nice blog. Till now i dont know who will give awards to blog. Thanks for posting.

  6. thank you Ashwini for choosing me as the one..I feel honoured...
    & also sorry for the late reply as I was out of blogosphere for the last few days...
    thanks a ton...

  7. @ Soumyadeep
    You're Welcome :) You deserve it. And not a problem, I noticed you were away for a while. Keep Blogging :)


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