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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Your-Blog-Is-Great" Award

*Drum Roll*

 Yay!!! It's time to celebrate, Again :-)

Thank you Namrata Mahalingam  for giving me the award. I'm so honored to receive it from you :-)

I've already listed seven things about me here, Anyway here is another 7 things about me.

* I value Trust. If anyone breaks my trust and stabs me from behind, I might not show it out, but hate them once and for all.

*I'm getting interested in Photography of late. 

*I'm emotional and sensitive.

* At times, I am stubborn. It might be for some silly reason, but I never change my opinion on certain things and certain people once I make up my mind.

*I choose quickly(not in haste) without taking much time. So my shopping is done in no time.

* I just love Ice Creams. My friends know my craving for Ice creams very well :-)

* I can stay awake late into the night, But getting up early morning is very difficult for me. 

And Now, passing on the award, I like to take this as a chance to appreciate certain blogs which I just love reading( My favourite blogs). So here goes the awards.

Conversations~ Sujatha Sathya

Ahamkaara ~ Sahana Rao

Khoj ~ Subhrasis Adhikari

The Blunt Blog ~ Chintan Gupta

Reflections ~ Vipul Grover

Global Madrasi ~ R.Ramesh

Words ~ Saru Singhal 

Shadow dancing with mind ~ Shashi

Writing For Life ~Raaji ( She was kind enough to read my blogs when I just started blogging. A Special Thank you for that :-)

All the bloggers mentioned here are eminent bloggers. I'm just an amateur and I don't consider myself great enough to judge them and give them these awards. Just a token of my appreciation. Hope you guys like it.


  1. Congo on the award Ashwini... The celebration continues!!! I think its high time you give a treat :) :)

    Great to know about other 7 things here.. And you can finish your shopping soon??!! Hmmm... great going! :)

  2. @ Anand

    Thank you :). I wanted to tag you as well, But then I thought I'd let you bask in the success of the "Versatile Blogger" and give you a much better award. Coz this is just like showing my appreciation for all those great bloggers we were talking about, the other day.

    And yes, I finish Shopping in no time, :), Strange?

  3. Thank you, Ashwini. Appreciate it

  4. Congratulations Ashwini.....i wish you get more n more..:))

    and congrats to all those who got it from you..i have been reading few of them listed here, they are really good in their respective style......


  5. @Ashwini: Thanks for those sweet words :) Am all smiles!! :)

  6. @ Raaji.
    How Did I ever forget you! God.

    @ Nona
    Welcome. A pleasure reading your blogs :)

    Thank you so much for your wishes :)

  7. @ Anand.
    Treat? You have it :)
    And welcome :)

  8. Thank you so very much. :)
    i told agree with you on the waking up in the morning thing. I can stay up till morning, but not wake up.
    I loooooooooooooooooooove icecream.

    Thanks again. :)

  9. Typo in the above comment.
    *I totally agree

  10. Dear Ashwini...

    Thanks for the honor and I appreciate it so much..

    Here is my impression from the IndiBlogger meet…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Connect with me At twitter @VerseEveryday

  11. congratsss...and thanks sooo much for this...infact this is my 3rd in a day...feels great to receive this awards even though i am not being able to write posts myself...

  12. congratulations ashwini and thank you :)

  13. Congrats once again Ash! And thanks for showering praises on me too!!! Although we blog more for our satisfaction it feels wonderful to be appreciated by like-minded and talented people :-)

    And I can sense your love for ice creams from your profile description itself! Oh and am totallllyyy a "late-to-bed-late-to-rise" type too!

  14. @ Spaceman Spiff

    Welcome :). Enjoy :) Happy to be giving you this award :)

    @ Shashi

    You're Welcome :) Happy that I'm giving you this award :)

  15. @ SUB, Sujatha, Chintan, Anne

    I'm a big fan of all your blogs. They are just AWESOME. So good to read them all. You guys deserve much more. Just a small token of my appreciation :).

  16. Congrats for the award dear:) And, if ever we meet,I know what to order for you:)
    Thanks a lot for the award...:)


  17. @ Saru

    Thank you :) and My pleasure :)

  18. Congrats on the award ..
    some good pointers on you then :)
    and icrecream is a big yes yes this side tooo ...


  19. @ Bikramjit
    Thank you ;) and Cheers!

  20. awwww.. thnq so mch neighbour :)
    blogger eminence keeps shifting.. presently u r mch more eminent with me.. nd thn u also hd ur 49 secs of fame ;)
    Lets get together at some ice cream parlor soon :p

  21. @Bikram
    Thank you :)

    PLeasure is Mine buddy! I'm actually proud that I'm giving it to an eminent blogger like you.

    Ice cream parlor, Ha ha :P


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