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Thursday, December 15, 2011

If I Had Two Extra Hours In A Day...

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If you had two extra hours in a day, how would you spend it?

This is the question which Indiblogger and Surf Excel have been asking us bloggers.

Today, in this fast paced world, in trying to cope with the speed, we tend to sacrifice a lot of things. Things and activities and people who are dear to us. We do not have the luxury of spending time for our favourite shopping or for a match of cricket. We are not lucky enough to manage the hectic schedule and spend quality time with our loved ones. We are deprived of time to enjoy the small things in life. We complain when it rains, we complain when its sunny, we complain for anything and everything. We’ve lost patience and the art of relishing things. All this leads to anger and irritation, and finally one is never content.

Most of us can relate to the above mentioned situation. Somehow I feel people who say “They don’t have time” are the ones who are bad at managing time. There are 24 hours for everyone. And it is up to us to make the optimum use of it. We have no one else to blame.

Still, If I were given two EXTRA hours a day, I wouldn’t mind it.

If I were given 2 hours a day, I would probably do one or all of these things.

I would want to spend it alone, all for myself and give time for introspection. I would want to reflect on how much I’ve covered in the path I chose to reach the destination I set for myself, how much is yet to be achieved and how I would go about it.

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I would want to spend time with Mom and Dad. Despite talking with them and seeing them every day, I could never get enough of it. I would want to take Mom and Dad to some quiet place and spend some time (two hours, probably)cut off from the rest of the world.

I would want to spend some time with my sister. Ever since she got married and settled abroad, Skype has been my only point of contact. I would want to talk with her and catch up with all that we were missing out on. (How much ever we speak, Sisters always have something to tell each other)

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I would want to lie down on my Grandma’s lap and listen to her stories. When we were young, during the weekends, she used to tell stories about Ramayana and Mahabharatha. She was really good in narrating a story.

I would just want to talk, or rather listen to what my Grandma has to say. When people get old, more than wanting someone who would talk to them, they would need someone who would listen to them without showing any signs of disinterest. I would want to be that active listener.

I would want to connect well with my friends and spend time with them, talking and happily laughing and savoring the most cherished moments. Here I would want to spend time with my closest friends ONLY.
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I would want to talk to a person who would make me feel good about myself. After a long and tiring day, that would lift my spirits and ensure that I maintain my positive attitude.

I would then want to talk to someone who has been low for some time and try bringing them out from their gloominess.

I would switch off my PC, Mobile and other modes of communication and read books in my rocking chair without any disturbance from anyone

I would want to meditate and clear my mind of everything which would have been bothering me.
Image Courtesy: Dreamstime
Image Courtesy : Dreamstime

To sum it all, I would want to spend it alone, or probably with a handful few people who mean a lot to me. I would want to be in a calm and serene atmosphere. So if I were given 2 hours, this is what I’d probably do!


  1. That was a nice post. first for the self, then for the family, friends,.....and some time with someone who is gloomy and down. That's sweet.

    And the digital disconnection you mentioned at the end: well, I've been trying to. But failed a 101 times. May be I need digital de-addiction.

    All the best!

  2. If I would have written something on this topic, it would be poem comprising all the things you wrote.

    All the best Ashwini:)

  3. Ashwini, way to go yaar!! In this fast paced times, spending time for oneself and family is losing out!! Gone are those good old days when family had priority. Now-a-days family takes a back seat!! Sad!!

    Nice way to point it out through this post :) Best wishes :)

  4. @Leo Paw
    Thank you :-). Thanks for your wishes :-)

    Thank you :-)

    There you go, that's another thing we have in common ;-).
    Thank you :-)

  5. @Binu
    Thanks a lot Binu :-) Thank you for your wishes :-)

  6. Aww.. You are such a family person Ashwini. Respect just grew two folds. Hope you get to manage that time somehow :)

  7. nice post....all the best for the contest

  8. @ Rahul Bhatia
    Thank you Sir :-)

    Oh, you made my day :-). And yes, I would very much like to spend time for all that I've mentioned there. Thank you :-)

  9. Lie on grandma's lap and listen to stories... Aww... That's such a beautiful thought! Your words have the power to charm the readers... All the best! :)

  10. 'active' listener to your grandmother - that's a lovely thought
    nice post
    all the best for the contest

  11. @Anukriti
    Aww. Thanks for that wonderful compliment :-). I'm flattered. :-)

    Thank you :-)

  12. No one really has the time anymore, I reckon an additional two hours would not result in any change of the existing state.

    Wonderful choice of activities for spending the extra time, very family centric.

    I would love to rest my head on my grandma's lap and listen to her stories as well. Will most certainly do that when I get to meet her next time.

  13. now if Surf does not give you those 2 hrs i am never using it again :/

    nice thoughts and u r sooo human :) :) all the best for the contest Ashwini <3 <3 <3

  14. @ Atrocious Siblings

    I agree. We are not known for making optimum use of the given time, so it wouldn't make much of a difference. But for people who do, make use of it, they would like to have an extra hour or so.

    @ Sukupedia
    Thank you so much :-) Thank you for your wishes :-)

  15. Beautiful Ashwini... by far, the best post that you have written...you have articulated your thoughts well... proud of my baby sister... and yes... I miss talking to you.. or rather.. listening to you talk on and on...

  16. Excellent post ashwini..U r simply amazing:)

  17. Aaaaaw thats a nice post...! :)

  18. @Sudarshana
    Thank you so much :-)

    @ Ankitha
    Thank you :-)

  19. Hi Ashwini,

    Happy to nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award


  20. Super Ash... Of course we need time for introspection. nice read :)

  21. @ Anand

    Glad that you are back to Blogosphere. Thank you :-)

  22. nicely expressed are the emotions of busy-ness of life and the hustle-bustle,we face each day...nice post..not many pause to reflect upon the seconds of daily life!nice thoughtful post.

  23. @Rohit

    Thank you :-)".Some of us are lucky enough to pay attention to the little “interesting” things which happen. Some of us are too busy to notice it. It all comes down to how you respond to, when something happens."

  24. Thanks Ashwini :)
    for visiting my blog,liking it and following it.
    following you too..keep connected!

  25. Interesting topic..And good to see that you would like spend those extra hours keeping in touch and connecting with people you love :)


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