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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It's Today!

Image Courtesy: Dreamstime

The alarm went off.
I got up immediately.
I couldn’t stop smiling,
The day had finally come.
The day I’d been waiting for so long,
The day I was looking forward to
Ever since I was a child.
I’d dreamed of this day, so many times.

Years back, I remember listening to Grandpa,
His stories about his work and travel.
Listening to him and seeing dad at work,
One day I knew I would work like them.
I promised I’d get one of those leather cases
Just like Grandpa and My dad,
For my “Office”, for my first job,
Irrespective of what/where the job was.

The day has indeed come.
It has been a long wait;
But it seems it all happened so fast.
With her ever radiant smile,
Mom gave me my coffee.
I Came to the balcony and sat on my swing
Relishing my coffee, with the wind.

The sun rays and then gentle breeze
Made me feel so much at peace.
The atmosphere was so serene
My mind was in a tranquil state.
All of a sudden, I realized,
How beautiful everything was.
Tress bending towards me,
Flowers swaying towards me,
God was wishing me luck, probably.

I missed both my Granddads.
How proud they would’ve been
To see their little one, go for work.
Praying and seeking their blessings,
I set off, for the first day of my career.
New place, new atmosphere,
New friends, a new world altogether
Surprises lie hidden.
The sun is rising in my Life.
Looking forward to everything.



  1. grandpa's are wonderful....
    lovely lines...
    all the best with your life ahead

  2. Whoa, hopefully in a year and a half I'll be going through the same emotions. And am sure your grandparents' blessings are with you~ Wish you all the very best in your career :)

  3. I am happy for you, for I experienced same feelings while going for my first job :) Despite all corporate stuffs, this feeling hasn't changed, and from your happiness it reflects neither will yours:)All the best:) Create wonderful memories :)

  4. lovely lines and all the best.

  5. Loved it!! Congrats! :)
    How was your first day?
    Good luck for the job :)

  6. @ SUB
    Yes. I was lucky, Both my Grandpas used to pamper me so much :-)
    Thank you :-)

    @ Krishna
    Thank you :-)

    @ Adreamygal
    Thank you :-). Hoping for wonderful times ahead :-)

  7. @ Seema
    Thank you :-)

    Thank you :-). It was great, Orientation and stuff.

  8. cool :) all the best for ur new carrier life..:)
    cheers .

  9. a really nice read. Can't wait for mine!
    Hope you had a nice day that day...

  10. There's a lot of love and hope (optimism) in the lines. Great outlook on life.

  11. @ Shyam
    Hey thank you so much. Your D Day is just around the corner.Don't worry :-)

    Thank you.Thank you for your appreciation. :-)

  12. Awww....many congratulations....and all the best :-)
    very well written <3<3<3

  13. Wow yaar.. your thoughts flowing continuously along with the lines!! All the best for work!! And welcome to the corporate life!! :D

  14. Very well written Ash.. I can empathize each and every line... All the very best for your career..

    Cheers :)

  15. I can relate to the feeling of going for your first job! :) Hope you have a wonderful time at work and get lots of wonderful friends too. Don't forget your poetry afterward either! :D

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  16. @Magiceye
    I guess I am. :-) Thank you.

    Nice to know you could relate to the thought flow. Thank you :-) and Yea, corporate life :-D

    Hey thank you :-)

  17. @ Leo
    Thank you :-)
    And No, I'll never forget it. :-)

  18. Best wishes for stepping into a new life!

  19. GRANPA's they are the best I have had such good life.
    and my granparents have been so good nad kind to me , I was spoilt by them , I have written about them a lot tooo ..

    They are the best , Sadly both sets of Grand pa's re no more alive and I miss them so much


  20. All the best for this new phase of your life Ash :-)

    It's been 6 yrs since I first stepped into the corporate world-but I still remember it vividly!

  21. @Bikram
    Very True. Being the youngest in the set, I was pampered so much and spoilt for choice. The impact which they have on me, is tremendous.

    They are the best. Completely Agree.

    Thank you so much Anne.:-)
    Some memories, are etched and stay forever :-)

  22. The first day at work makes you feel all grown up :)

  23. @Purba
    Yes.Yes. It makes one feel important :-)

  24. Just awesome and can easily understand the essence of your feel :) Good one !
    Non conventional kinda poem :)

  25. All the best!..I wanna read ur opinion about the same topic six months from now :D

  26. @Deepak
    Glad that you were able to understand what I was trying to convey :-) Thank you.

    Thank you :-)

    Thank you. And Yea, let's see :-)

  27. First things are so dear to the heart, and you wrote wonderful lines that will be etched in your life. All the best Ashwini! :)

  28. @Sahana
    Thank you :-). Yes, those are the most precious and memorable times of our lives.

  29. such lovely lines - and both grandpas and first job first day immortalized here

    this poem reminded me of your post on your grandpa some weeks /months back

  30. @Sujatha
    Thank you :-)
    Yes. I had written about "The Dear Departed".

  31. wow superb narration:):):) am so lucky to be ur team mate :):):):):)

  32. wow...really cool...i think people should visit this blog. i found something really great. thank you for sharing.

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  33. @Edu
    Thank you for reading most of the articles :-)

  34. I set off, for the first day of my career.-, some thirty five years back . You have very nicely put it all . I wonder, how the last day of my career- which is fast approaching - will make me feel !
    Wonderful expression !


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