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Monday, November 11, 2013

Happiness is...

Happiness is that feeling when you let go everything that keeps you tied to the ground and when you’re almost ready to fly. It is that feeling you have after deciding that you wouldn’t let your worries bother you. It is when you smile from your heart and the warmth of that smile spreads to your face. It is that light feeling in the heart which makes everything around you seem wonderful.

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The problem with most of us is we’re not exactly sure as to what makes us happy. We think that doing a certain things makes us happy and we force ourselves to believe it, not realizing that it was never our priority in the first place. People complicate this simple thought and as a result we are under the opinion that it is not easy to be or feel happy.

Just as how the small things in life matter the most, happiness can be found in the simplest of things. Each human being is unique, with a unique outlook and perspective. So, the definition of happiness would be subjective but at the same time, defining it would not be a herculean task, if you know yourself very well.

So here are a few things, which make me happy, in no specific order.

According to me, happiness is:

Seeing a toddler smile at you with his toothless grin.

Pampering yourself and indulge in tasty treats after a long day, without feeling guilty.

Seeing snow for the first time in your life.

Feeling proud of yourself for having done something which others just dream of. (Eating a family pack Ice 
cream all by yourself, for instance)

Watching your favorite sitcom and laughing at the jokes over and again.

Hearing your parents say that they’re proud of you.

Brewing the perfect cup of tea/coffee.

Taking off on an impromptu trip.

Travelling by a plane for the first time.

Singing totally out of tune and still enjoying it.

Taking a nap after having a wonderful home-cooked meal.

Getting up on your own will, at your convenient time and feeling totally relaxed.

Coming across a random stranger(on twitter) who shares similar interests.

Thinking of some memories and reliving them in your mind.

Laughing continuously over something that happened hours back.

Finding that perfect dress with the perfect colour that you’ve been looking for a long time.

Walking in the rain.

Taking a perfect dive in the pool.

Sitting on the swing and listening to your favorite songs on a windy day.

Finding your room clean, after hours of intense cleaning.

Playing in the beach.

These are just a few of them. I really did not expect to come up with such a big list when I started writing this, to the extent that I had to stop myself from writing on and on. Only when you sit down and count your blessings patiently that you realize how blessed you are to gain happiness from such small joys.

One thing I noticed was that, all those that were mentioned in the list, need a suitable environment for it to be relished. It’s no fun when you’re walking in the rain when you are well dressed and getting back from work. At the same time, it’s no fun if you realize that you’ve overslept and you’re running late for a meeting. As much as focusing on a single aspect is important, focusing on the surroundings too will make a difference. A healthy and a peaceful surrounding is what actually makes you feel happy. So keep smiling, keep spreading that smile on others’ face and make your surroundings lively and happy.

So, have you made your list yet? What features most prominently in your list?


  1. Family pack ice cream, waking up without an alarm at a convenient time & laughing at a joke after hours and impromptu trip. Bingo! :)

  2. That's a comprehensive list. Being with family tops my list.

    1. No amount of friends and well wishers can consciously create the environment that our family creates :-)

  3. This post has been selected for the Tangy Tuesday Picks this week. Thank You for an amazing post! Cheers! Keep Blogging :)

  4. Totally agree! Its time I make a list now.

    Thanks for reminding :)

    1. Yes, please do and you'll understand how blessed you are. :-)

  5. Family tops the list all the way :)


  6. I think we share similar interest, as your list is almost same like mine. In fact, I have written about my first flight journey, first time snow in London, a toddler smile, and a perfect tea :) Indeed, a great list Ashwini!

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-GLuydiMe4 #nuffsaid :D

  8. Nice points Aswini. Mine also has some points similar to yours. Some that is missing from my list are loud music, cheers, sleeping, rollar coaster ride and oh! I don't wanna add everything here itself ;)
    Again congrats of your TED speak girl!

    1. Ha ha. Yes, please start making your list too. And thank you so much :-)

  9. really, when I started thinking, I was confused what made me happy:)

    1. Think of the last few times you were really happy and try seeing the pattern. It's not rocket science :-)

  10. That was a lovely compilation of the happy activities and I agree with all:)

  11. Nice and interesting list Ashwini.
    While playing with our dog, I just lost balance and fell down, as i shouted with pain, my dog came and licked me trying to comfort, my pain from the fall just vanished and I felt so happy. The unconditional love of a dog really makes me very happy all the time. Also when I make rasam sometimes it tastes exactly like how my mother used to make, it makes me very happy, as it brings back warm memories of my mom feeding me rasam sadam when i was very young.
    Yes many little things can bring happiness within seconds. I keep giggling uncontrollably, over something that happened many hours/ years ago too.

    1. Nice to know we share some similar traits :-). We do realize that the happy moments do have a certain story for itself. Almost each of them :-)

  12. A lovely list... I must say I agree with most of the points you have penned down..:) :)

  13. Thank you.All of them are easily done.Being with happy people brings happiness.It is infectious.

  14. Yes, you are right. And sometimes when things make us happy, we want more and in this want for 'more' we fail to remain happy.

    1. Well said Raaji. The want for more than what we can hold spoils everything.


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