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Ash. Spiritual. Happy in my own way. Writes Random Stuff. Ice Cream. Night owl. Ice Cream, again.


Women's Web

have written a few articles for Women's Web. You can read them here.

Featured in Top Indian Blogs. 

The Directory of the Top Blogs in India and Most Widely Read Bloggers under Personal Blogs.

The Hindu, Open Page (October 2015)

Article Link: Decision Awaited : Will they or Wont they?
Blog Link : Will they or Wont they?

The Hindu Metroplus, Citizen Review (August 2015)

You can read the review here

The Hindu, Open Page (June 2015)

Blog Link : Choosing the right one!
Article Link : Choosing the right read.

The Hindu, MetroPlus (October 2013)

Blog link: The final step
Article link: The Unanswered Questions and Suicides

The Hindu, Open Page (September 2011)

Blog link    : Stingy texts in vogue, God save the English language.
Article link : Stingy textx in vogue, God save the English language

Deccan Chronicle

Blog Link: In Pursuit of Eternal Glory
Article Link: In Pursuit of Eternal Glory


Blog link   : My letter to the Prime Minister
Article link: Ashwini CN writes a letter to the Prime Minister

Ginger Chai

Blog link   : Oh, Excuse Me Please!
Article link: Oh, Excuse Me Please!

Featured in Indian Top Blogs 

Featured among the Top 500 blogs in India for the second consecutive year (2015, 2014, 2013)

Featured among the Top Lifestyle Bloggers in Chennai

I've been featured as one of the top Lifestyle Bloggers in Chennai by Social Beat :)


I've been featured in Artily - An Online Informative Magazine. :-)

I was asked about my blogging journey and a few questions (some interesting ones).

You can read the article here.

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