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Monday, April 30, 2007

Exams After Exams.....

I am talking about the exam after the exam…yes…the entrance exams…..After my exams got over on march 20 th I closed all my books and kept them safely in my cupboard so that they might turn up useful for my entrance..mind you I was planning on writing only TNPCEE and did not bother about any other entrance for the following reasons

Sunday, April 22, 2007

O Marina...!!! O Marina...!!!

We went to the Marina Beach recently on a saturday...After a heavy North Indian dinner from the Dhaba we headed straight for the beach just to have an ice cream...the 10 of us....after listening to some gud music we got down and i asked everyone their flavours for the ice cream...if there were just one or two its not a big thing...but carefully keeping in mind what the others wanted i walked up to a Kwality Walls vendor( he would have thought i was a nut coz i was muttering to myself abt the flavours).......

Saturday, April 21, 2007

ADIEU to my school life

The fourteen years of my school life are over..and i am waiting to see what the future has in store for me...standing in the crossroads of life ...i've been through one phase of life and its really hard to imagine that its all over..i'm no more a school kid...i have a lot of responsibility now and will not be spoon fed anymore....my world is changing and soon i would have to enter a new world,new people,new friends and new environment...and what not ...

Everyone will agree with me that school life is one of the best parts of a person's life..the innocence with which we entered school...not knowing what is expected of us there..how we would adjust to the new environment...and many other mixed emotions ....after that we learnt that is was just a home away from home... we made new friends...grew up with them and they became a part n parcel of our life... we had fun there with them ..and now we find it difficult to leave the gates of our school....to leave our friends ...but of course not the memories...

Memories play a very peculiar role.
They make you laugh when you think of the times you've cried.
They make you cry when you think of the times you've laughed.

Yes it does......

Friday, April 13, 2007

Holiday n Music ..My Best Combo!!!

Like anyone I get the privilege to spend quality time with ma family and may be some of our close pals occasionally ..i can never forget the days in kerala .whether it was to munnar or thekkady or just at home..we had ultimate fun.all of us enjoyed dancing to our favourite tunes and listening to songs ranging from kishore kumar to rahman.with nuggets and burgers to munch.the thing which endeared all of us in our gang was Music...we all loved listening to music..anything...a peppy number or even just a medley..my idea of a perfect holiday - just me and my family off somewhere- away from the rest of the world...just the four of us. and this dream came true in 2004 when we went to goa....the reason it was very special to me is because this was may be just the second or the third time ..only the four of us were off on a holiday...usually it is either our huge family ..with cousins ..or with our friends..though i enjoyed going with the two different groups..one cannot enjoy as much as we do with just our own family.. and when i say holiday and music..yes it definetely rings a bell...we enjoyed listening to other's voices or from some mp3 players or i-pods and had fun to the maximum extent..thats what i would describe as "lying on top of a hill with ma favourite music"..we can survive anywhere with just music...ok..i dont wanna prove that music works wonders but just that i love listening to music and that too on a private holiday.

My First Blog Post


After so many days, I now have my own blog.

I think I'm going to have fun writing and posting here.

Writing has never been a passion for me, I do hope to develop my writing skills and share my thoughts.

Welcome to Ashwini's Blog. :)
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