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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Great Admission Tamasha!!!

So results out..and then now the admission process is in full swing....admission forms....long queues under the sun...it took me almost 5 days to get the admission forms...not from anna univ...but from a bank..i thank my lucky stars for this..coz i was one of the last ones to get the application form from the bank... rest were sold out! they've been listing in the papers the number of centums in each subject n in the main stream subjects and it makes me look as though i am way behind..but i still am confident coz i've applied for re-val n sure they'll fetch me some marks...

Monday, May 14, 2007


"Ash...did u see the paper today?"..my mom asked me from the balcony thinking i had already woken up
" what....is it ma?" I asked her lethargically.....
"your 12th exam results will be declared by tomorrow.."
"really?" i replied struggling to sit in the bed.
" and your uncle said that he will be able to get ur results by today evening.."
"WHAT?" I Exclamied .
"yeah...so better start praying " she said

I was beginning to feel nervous..i knew i hadnt done my papers very well and i had spent two months of holidays without giving it a thought..but now ..all of a sudden ..i wondered if everything was going to be fine..but my instinct told me it was never going to be fine..so on sunday..i was feeling very nauseous n i used to jump everytime the phone rang...thinking it was my uncle on the line..giving me my marks...the whole day was spoilt till i got a call in the evening from my uncle telling that he would get me the results the next day at around 10.oo am ...then i felt better ..as though i had a nice big chocolate......anyways..i'm keeping my fingers crossed..hoping for the best.....or rather..the worst...!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

French ...Bienvenu

Bonjour! Je m’applle Ashwini! Je vais bien; merci! Et toi ?
This was the first line I spoke in French in Alliance Fran├žaise De Chennai
I went for a 6 weeks course to learn French coz I was forced by the management to switch over from Sanskrit…..ma favourite language I was learning for the past 6 yrs…to either Tamil,Hindi,or French….since i thought it would be unwise to opt for Tamil at the higher secondary level(I’d never even learnt Tamil in school even for a year…so u can guess!) and taking Hindi again after a break of about 3 yrs…I decided that the best thing would be to opt for French. So two days after my 10th exams were over I started my classes. At first everything was yeah French…but it seemed like Greek n Latin.. But thanks to my teacher who made the subject really interesting and made us develop an interest towards it. The three hour classes were fun. From 7 in the morning till 11...the occasional break used to be from 8 45 to 9 but then as the days progressed it used to be till say… 9 15 or even more than that. Here we were trained for practical skills basically and it really helped me in my school.
Now coming back to Rosary…our French teacher Madame Anita made the classes more enjoyable…though she used to fume a bit when we asked for free classes she used to agree in the end(with a lil bit of sweet talk from us….confirming that we would make up for it..though we were aware of the fact that we were way ahead in our subject). We had our French hour jus before lunch n that was a reason for us to ask to be let free coz of the day’s hard work(believe me.!!! J ) and it was during one of those times that I found out our teacher had studied in the same school I studied at first..From then on I used to call her SENIOR!!!!! This was the only class were all the three sections had class the same time …so we used to get news about the other happenings in other classes….. but now all this is over…all those free French classes…mam chatting with us… and having a ball there….Au Revoir !
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