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Friday, June 29, 2007


..At last I managed to get the tickets to Shivaji a week after the film’s release……man...Wat a crowd…to say that all theatres in Satyam Cineplex were/are screening only Shivaji…of course….it was Rajini’s 100th film…nothing better than this can be expected….k….so here’s my …say review on the film

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Money.. money ... everywhere... not a cent to spend???

What! Your parents don’t give you enough pocket money? “is the first thing some one asks when one says that he does not have enough money to come for some one’s treat. I feel that it is advisable to give children a meagre sum when they are young and gradually increase it as they grow old so that they learn the value of money right from the start. Its no good teaching a spoilt-brat the importance of it after he comes to know that his parents can afford every need of his and has a never ending source of money

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ooty welcomes you!

It was amazing!!! It really was!!!..I’d been to Ooty years back…when I was around 4 or 5….so one can imagine how well I would know ooty. This trip was what you would call a family trip….not 4 or 6 people…..14 of us went there and enjoyed and had great fun…coz these days its hardly possible to gear up people…and make sure all of them are there together for 3 days just to have fun and relax..

We stayed at Love Dale ...The first day we went to Dodabetta...the highest point in South India….it was cool…and I really mean it….the mist was amidst us and all of us were kinda shivering in our wind-shielders and shawls….after some hot-hot snacks there we left for the botanical gardens…..man! What a variety! Colours n colours of so-many varieties of plants n flowers….it was really good…..
The next day we went to the lake….first we went on the motor boat. Then a few of us went rowing…..the silence there in the middle of the lake was something really admirable ….then we went to the tora-tora n then the dashing cars……then we went to the thread garden…..tis just a garden with the only exception that the flowers were not real…the flowers were first shaped with canvas and then wound by threads….it was not just one plant …but ..as far as I can remember some…hundreds of them…our next visit was to the wax museum…..statues of Gandhi, Abdul Kalam,Manmohan Singh, Vivekananda , Sankaracharya , Vishveshveraya , Veerappan,Mother Theresa, Jesus,Shivaji….the statues were very very realistic……in fact there was a newspaper cutting there in which our president Abdul Kalam had come there and posed with his own wax-carved statue …
On the whole the trip as very good…..it was a sort of get together too!
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