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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Catchy Phrases

Before winning , think
" If  I can't, who can?"
After winning, say humbly
" If I can , who can't?"

There are two rules for success
1) Never tell everything you know.
2) Never tell, you know everything.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I wanted to write this post ever since the 12th results were out...but anyway.....
12th exams are given a lot of hype...and the students are under tremendous stress and pressure to perform well....to meet the expectations of their parents and teachers.....to get good marks...to get admission in a good college....and what not...

Once the results are released...emotions run wild.... a few are elated and ecstatic... many are dejected...having expected more....but scored much less...parents are more anxious than the students...some parents are understanding and they empathize with their wards...but some are annoyed as though they've reached the ends of their lives....all this trauma is because of this 5 lettered word....m-a-r-k-s

Many people say that the present way of awarding marks in an exam is not appropriate ...thanks to the education system....they test what we've toiled for 6 months in 3 hours and within minutes..say about 3...our fate is sealed....so what is important is not that 6 months of hard work and preparation......all those days of sleplessness.. is not of any worth...its just those 3 hours.....180 minutes...that decides are fate and we are judged only by its outcome...what an excellent education system we have!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Traveling by Train

I was under the impression that traveling by train was a boring experience and I never really looked forward to it until one day...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

'Pic' N 'Mix'

I love ice creams.....i am just mad about them.. from vanilla to chocolate to black current to spanish delight to fig and honey to rum and raisin to brownie + vanilla ice cream to mango to orange to strawberry to all the exotic favours you can ever think of.....i simply am crazy about them.... and thats when i found this interesting place in cochin.......'Pic' N 'Mix'

'Pic' N 'Mix' is the very first place i think of when i just hear a whisper of the word ice cream some half a mile away....its my all time favourite because....

*** irrespective of whether i have an exotic flavour or just a simple one....i am charged the same for both.....

*** i can have as many scoops of ice creams i want...to my heart's content....literally....picking my flavour and mixing it with the others....

***we have a free hand to choose our toppings....whether we need black current sauce or strawberry sauce.. or almond sauce ..its up to us...

***and as for the rates.....our mixture of ice creams are weighed and it costs 25 paise per gram.....ok...this was 6 years back...but now because of the development and changes cochin is undergoing...it has been increased by 3 paise....to 28 paise..... :)

***its open from 11 to 11

what more could i ask for???

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Man!... what a change.....
I couldnt believe my eyes when i landed in the Nedumessery Airport in Cochin a few days back to spend a few days there...as a part of my vacation...it was almost 5 years since we had moved out of cochin and settled in chennai...after a long four year stay in cochin....initially all of us found it a bit difficult to adjust to the just developing city after we were in a metro for those many years...it was just developing then...

Monday, June 9, 2008

No Age Bar for Working?

Rag pickers. Remember? People with those huge sacks, picking plastic covers and bottles and cans and what not; just throwing stuff from the dustbin to their whims and fancies in the process of searching for what they want, not bothering to even put the trash back; the whole idea of having a dustbin being lost? But today these people have found a different way to collect the trash- “the dumping ground” of course!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Semester Exams.....

I was used to writing exams...of course....14 years of education had taught me something...but after listening to all those stories from my seniors and cousins ..about Anna univ exams... i was scared out of my wits... every time i ask my sis..she always emphasizes on the words luck, luck and luck. she says you cane never ever predict how much you can score..... there is very chance that a student who is confident enough that he would definitely get above 80% could get well below the required limit....and a person who just hopes and prays that he should escape with at least a pass...could get over 90%...such are the miracles these exams can create...

It's not just an exaggeration ...but i have seen people who have been at the receiving end of all these kind of problems and i wonder how many have lost hope in the so-called education system and let everything take its own place ..at its own pace...in spite of a key being given and so many hands the papers go through why are some sides left uncorrected...making a difference of a pass or fail? why do they take just 3 minutes to evaluate a paper which is written for 3 hours and prepared for 6 months...? if this is going to be the method of evaluation.....how can one ever produce quality engineers.....marks is the only way one would be able to judge a student...but if the very marks are not evaluated and presented properly...how can we ever judge a student? how many students have not been given their recognition they actually deserve because of someone else's mistake? the answer to this ...is what my sister puts in......LUCK.....so instead of toiling for those exams.....its wise to spend some time...praying....praying.....praying.

One Year of Blogging

I've done it.. :) It's been almost one year of blogging..and I give myself a pat for the so-called good work that i think i have been doing .Though my posts are not extra ordinary like many others' which i have been reading on a regular basis.,I don't wanna give up,but try improving my writing at least till someone says it's 'ok' and at least till I am satisfied..Having posted around 30+posts I feel its good, as a beginner....and I think I have to be a bit more regular and update it frequently. And not to forget a big Thank You to all those valuable comments posted by my friends and other eminent bloggers ..I couldn't have thank you more ,for patiently reading my blog.

18..What now?

At last...at long last...after waiting for 18 years now i can proudly say i am no longer a child..or...an adolescent any longer..i am an adult now......cool

When i was an adolescent i use to think that being an adult was really cool... you have your own responsibilities..your parents will not be behind your back for each and everything ...you get to go out with your friends as and when you like and all those fantasies we read in books.....

But now..when i am actually an adult...i just see no difference in my lifestyle or any of my way of doing things..I've realised its not just what we read in books and all those wonderful fantasies but its all about leading a more responsible life and not just about parties and stuff. we know our position in life...we know what we want in life and we are all set to achieve our own feat. Our parents are a little more relaxed on us as they give us a free hand to select what we want but still they are always there for us...though some people think no end of themselves and they distance themselves from their parents ...inviting unnecessary troubles for themselves...but yea....i like the way i was a child...not that I dont want to be an adult and shoulder any responsibility but ..they way my parents and sister care for me and treat me as the lil one at home....i enjoy being given importance in that way....anyway...the transformation is not yet of any marked difference for me but i just hope that it turns out good for me....the transformation!

Yay! No Longer the junior most!.

Wow.....9 months ago...i remember entering my coll....everything new, everything different..new atmosphere,new people,new surroundings....god...everything new from a to z....and now...when i look back at those 9 months..i am filled with a sense of ecstasy and contentment on realizing that my new beginning had gone on well and i am more than satisfied with it... the environment was friendly and it had a lot of positive energy coming from it as far as i was concerned and yea...time just flew by..and before i realized i was writing my sems and now...I've finished my first year of engineering ....

And now...i am just looking forward for the next year and it feels good to be a senior for a few...though we are still the juniors for a majority..but still who cares :-) .
one year gone...another's come... so i just hope that we carry on our sweet memories of the first year...leaving behind all those hatred and negative thoughts and look forward to a better way of life!
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