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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy birthday! Happy birthday!

Yea…that’s for me.

I bet no one in this world was as ecstatic as I was on my birthday eve. The reason? I was supposed to have college, but because of the LTTE problem, the government declared holiday for ONE WHOLE WEEK! Isn’t that a lovely way to start off my birthday?
I was elated way above everything. My Birthday, My special day, was going to be all the more special. From almost 9pm, on my birthday eve, I started receiving calls from my friends who felt they wouldn’t be able to stay up till 12 and speak to me then. For the first time in life, I told mom that I was exhausted, talking on and on for hours together, something which took her by surprise as I always keep chatting about something or the other. And finally after a good round of calls from my friends, thanks to them, I slept by almost 5 minutes to 1am.
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