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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Compering and Me

I was always interested in compering. I don't exactly remember as to when i became so crazy about it, but yea,there are certain things you just don't seem to notice when its growing, you notice is only when it blooms to the maximum extent and appears in front of you. And my college has indeed given me a good foundation to develop something which i never thought i could do.

1)The first time I compered. Guest lecture-1st year.
I was in my first year. Just one month in coll and we were having a free hour. A staff from our department, Shanmugathai Mam, came to our class and announced that there was going to be a guest lecture the next day and asked for volunteers for compering. I wanted to give my name but there was some inhibition and I succumbed to it. My then class coordinator, Satish sir coaxed me into giving my name and finally I gave my name. The reason I was not very much for it was because it had been hardly a month at coll, all of us were new and we were just getting used to each other and the college and staff and I dint want to experiment on something new right on the first month, not that I had stage fear! So I gave my name and all I mam handed me a paper and all I asked her was, 

After a break of 6 months!

oh my!

Its been almost 6 months since i got to update my blog. And yea, I've not become lazy, just that I had my priorities on many other things.

some things worth mentioning during this 6 month break from blogging.

* college started and I'm in my 3rd year now. felt really good. Just dont know how the two years passed by and I really mean it, I enjoyed life at Sairam, despite what many say!

* I was given a splendid opportunity for compering ,again! I was called to compeer for the Induction day in college( and yea I plan to come up with a post regarding the compering!)

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