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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don Ritchie

If you thought I was referring to another Don Corleone( The God Father, Mario Puzo) in the making. So be it. A few days I came across an article titled                    

Don Ritchie, 83, lives in a street right across the harbor in the Gap, a rocky cliff at the top of the Sydney Harbor. This Gap is considered as Australia’s most notorious suicide point. For around 45 years, Don is always on the lookout for any abnormal activity in the cliff. And do you know what he does when he finds someone headed to the suicide point? He gives them a warm smile and invites them over for coffee at his place, talk to them in a friendly manner and convince them that putting an end to their life is not the answer for everything and that life has to move on. He has succeeded in saving more than a hundred lives.


I decided I would write this post when I was preparing for my Networks Exam. What happened was, there was this topic regarding the Error Control Mechanisms during Transmission of Packets. I was a little confused with the acknowledgment numbers and this is how I solved it.

Positive acknowledgement is followed by a number, which indicates the number of packets received (how many) and the number the next packet to be sent (which). Negative acknowledgement is followed by a number which indicates the packet which has to be retransmitted. When I read this sentence first, It was Greek and Latin to me, not anymore.

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