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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That

Everyone is so unique and different from the other. People always want to be seen shining brightly among a crowd. So, what is that, which makes them stand apart? It is how different they are from the rest.

The other day, I was thinking how Different people are, and how different people respond to the one situation and how One person responds to different situations. There are many different kinds of people I have encountered,  To be specific :
I like some
I hate some
I admire some
I like some people for some specific quality, and I do hate some people for some specific trait.
There are some with whom I can easily strike a conversation
There are some with whom I would prefer to stay away.
There are some who appeal to almost everyone near me, but somehow not with me.
There are some who make me feel good about myself
( I've got this POSITIVE attitude in Life, so NO ONE can make me feel bad about myself, :-) )
There are some, who seem good, but they really are up to no good
There are some who are actually nice, but somehow I dont see myself having a good chat with them.
There are some who surprise me with their attitude.
There are some people who can just make you calm down with their affectionate Talks.
There are some people who you hate, but you have to put up with them.
And many more, who more or less find their place in one among the categories listed

So, to stand out, one needs to act like a mirror, to a certain extent. One must be Good to those who are Good to them, Respect those who Respect them, and depending on how the Individual is, they can decide to act in an Eye-For-an-Eye way, or they can act Dignified and Forgive others who hurt or disgrace them. It  requires the knack of  getting the right combination , to please anyone and everyone(including all those kind of people in the list)

In a nut shell,  People have to have the Proper Mix of  qualities in them.
Oh yea, A little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of That :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Friendship Meter

This is how most ( I do not mean all, most ) Friendships work.

Day 1
Friend 1 sees Friend 2 in Facebook and  after going through the list of Mutual Friends, sends Friend 2 a request.
Friend 2 sees the request from Friend 1, sees the list of Mutual Friends and accepts the request.

Day 2
Friend 1 sends a message Via Facebook. Friend 2 is happy to receive a message from the new Friend and replies immediately. Then Friend1 replies and  then Friend 2 replies and on and on ...

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