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Monday, September 26, 2011

License to Kill?

Image Courtesy: Dreamstime
Girl commits suicide, unable to bear the humiliation of being snubbed and dumped by her ex.

Student commits suicide unable to cope with college pressure.

I just can’t figure out why people today are so sensitive, to the extent that they are unable to tolerate when someone blames them or points a finger at them. Why are we not able to take criticism in the right spirit from others?  Have we lost the ability to be resilient, instead call it a day, once and for all and give up? The World is fast paced, but why are we impatient and look for quick results? Why do we get into bouts of depression just because we failed at one point? Where has the virtue of patience gone? Has optimism and Positive thinking; despite being stressed repeatedly; become a thing of the past? When we should be giving a lot of room for positive thoughts and withstand the negative forces which trying their best to hamper our progress, we are unable to digest that one negative setback?

Book Review : The (In)Eligible Bachelors by Ruchita Misra

Ruchita Misra’s,”The Ineligible Bachelors” throws light on the concept of “Arranged Marriages” which still continue to be a trend in many parts of our country. The complicated process; beginning with the matrimonial advertisements, the calls and replies, the meetings, the constant pressure from parents, succumbing to their pressure and so forth; has been expressed by the author in a very good manner.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Article In The Hindu Open Page.

Before, I used to look for the smallest of the excuses to celebrate.
Now, God is giving me ample reasons to celebrate.
Thank you God. :-)

My article has been published by "The Hindu" in the Open Page,dated 18th September 2011.
I had written it in my Blog earlier, The Sad State Of The English Language.

You can read the Article here,

Stingy Texts in vogue, God save the English language!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Autobiography of A Scooty

Images from Dreamstime
Apologies. I kept a word limit for this post,but somehow when I started typing, it kept going on and on, will try to keep my posts short, from now on :-)

“Scooty pep plus (SPP). Plus. This is perhaps the only positive thing in me, in my name. I’m hardly a few years old, but if you see me, you’d think I was probably reaching the end of my life. Such is my deplorable state. I’ve been pushed and shoved and thrown and manhandled to the point of agony. I am not able to tolerate the hardships which I am undergoing almost on a daily basis, any longer. I’m seriously contemplating suicide. Yes. Please don’t stop me. If you were in my place, you would have killed yourself at least ten times. Ok. Now, for all those people who say I’m being selfish and not considerate enough to take such a drastic step, here’s the story of my Life.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My First Ever Blog Award


Thank you God.

Thank you IndiBlogger  for helping many people find my blog,

Thank you so much Anne, for this Award. It means the world to me. A Very Special Thanks to you :-)

As per the Rules of the Versatile Blogger Award,  I'm supposed to write 7 things about myself and pass it on.
Before that, A special word of Thanks to my Friends and Followers who always make it a point to read and follow my blog and give their honest opinion, to help me get better as a Blogger.Thank you Swathi ( My Adorable sis)Shyam, Sri Vatsan, and  Girish for always giving me valuable feedback and making it a point to read my blog regularly. Thank you :-)

Now,to the next part of the  Award.7 random things about me.

  • My Mantra for living is " Everything happens for a good reason. If something good happens, its good. If something bad happens, ever better ( I feel bad things happen today, only for a better tomorrow) 
  • I Believe and Trust in God a lot.
  • I love travelling and exploring new places.
  • I listen to others as much as I talk with them.
  • I can survive with my cooking, and so can a few more people. I'm pretty good at it. 
  • I have a good sense of humor and don't mind when my leg is pulled. 
  • Writing was never my first passion. I love to speak about things and one day I decided why not put everything in writing, hence this blog.
I will update my post, Regarding to whom this award must be given to.

(Post Updated on 02.02.2011. Read it here.)

Thank you all :-)

Friday, September 9, 2011


 You might deny it, but the truth is, almost every thing one comes across needs “Make up”.  You don’t get what I’m trying to say? Read on.
Actress. Can you look at the faces of all those leading ladies in Bollywood without make up? I’m not saying they can’t step a foot outside, sans their make up. They can, they might have the guts to do so. But after seeing them in their ravishing beauty, would you see them on screen without make up? No. I wouldn't

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Cycle Story.

For those who wanted to know the other 3 life threatening situations I'd mentioned in 'Someone's Blunder Your Tragedy',this post is for you all. The other 2 incidents will also be posted, shortly. 

I guess I had watched a lot of movies then, because, when I was 10, I thought Accident meant, any two moving vehicles crashing or a moving vehicle crashing with, irrespective of the place, irrespective of the intensity of the crash, irrespective of the speed at which they collide.  And I’d watched enough cinemas to know that accident always resulted in death, however trivial it was.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maps Of the World. My Favorite PC App.

The present generation’s mindset (to which I belong) is very different from that of its predecessors. There is a lot of difference. The way they think, the way they give importance to their apparel, the way they eat, the way they socialize and so on. You can find the present generation more adventurous, daring, and creative than the previous generations. The Previous generation was content. The Present generation wants more. Upon successful completion of a task, The Previous generation would relax, the Present Generation would say, “what next? “. The Previous generation liked to settle for what was available. The Present Generation tries to experiment and get what they want.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mobile Phone Etiquette

Image Courtesy : Dreamstime
Recently I was unfortunate  to be next to someone, who did not know that a mobile phone would convey the voice message to the other end, irrespective of the how far the person at the other end was, and took to shouting at the top of his voice, to make sure his message reached the person on the other end. Poor Him or Poor me? Well., I guess I wasn't that unfortunate enough because, had it not been for him I would not have written this post. ( As I always keep saying, Everything happens for a good reason!)

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