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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Longing For Company!

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Man is a social animal. Yes. And that is perhaps one reason God gave us more than one effective way to communicate and stay in touch with those whom we want to.(Oh come on, there is no point in staying in close contact with those whom we are not bothered about, except perhaps to keep a tab on them, just to eliminate the element of surprise). Right from our childhood days, we are taught the importance of socializing and the impact of the bonds of friendship and affection in our life. We may like a few people because we have so much in common. We may like a few others because they’re completely different from the way we are. There is no specific reason regarding why we should or shouldn’t like someone.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


It’s time for my share of Sugarcane, Melagu vada , Paniyaaram and Chakra Pongal. These days whenever I think of festivals, the first thing that pops in my mind is the sweets and savories that are made for the special day. Mom doesn’t make the same sweet for all festivals. If it’s Pongal, you have the Paniyaaram and Melgau vada. If its Diwali you have Ladoo, Gulab Jamoon, Coconut Burfi. For New Year she makes this special kind of Halwa, which just melts in the mouth. Yummy!

More than the spirit of celebrating the festival, what makes me feel excited is, celebrating the spirit of being together, having fun and spending time with our dear ones. It gives us a break from our monotonous routine and gives us the gift of time, to sit and relax and have a casual chat with our family.I remember what my Grandpa used to say about his childhood memories of these festivals. I used to listen to his stories on how he used to celebrate it with his siblings and cousins and how being in a joint family, they were able to mingle well with all their cousins, aunts and uncles and it was obvious that their bonding was really close. The games that were played, the movies that were watched, The huge terrace and the compound wall where they all played, were all close to their heart, for everything second was a moment to treasure.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

How Not To Lose Your Temper!

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My sister and I were very mischievous when we were kids. Being the younger of the two, people would take it for granted that I was the more notorious one ( which Swathi would repeatedly insist), without giving me a chance to explain. So I accepted things the way they were and just lived up to the expectations of others(being the notorious one, that is ).

My sister and I did the weirdest of things and however smart we were in pretending, Mom would invariably find out what we were up to in her absence and she would scold us. 90% of the times I never used to listen to her gyan. It so happened that, once when mom was in the middle of scolding us, I caught my sister's eye and we both started laughing like idiots. Mom was in a fit of rage,but the next minute, to our surprise, she joined us in laughing. Funny how one second can completely change the way you feel.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Interview.

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(My Interview for a fellow Blogger)

Yes yes, you heard it right. .

Jidhu Jose , a blogger,  dedicates a part of his blog to Interviews, where he takes interview of fellow bloggers. I'm not sure on what basis he chooses, but I'm happy to be noticed and to feature on his blog. Thank you Jidhu!

It feels great to be noticed by people and receive appreciation for the work that we do. I know I've still loads to learn and have a long way to go, but little perks like these, definitely encourages amateurs like me and instills a sense of determination to perform even better the next time.

Could I BE more happy? :-)

You can read the interview, here.

Thank you God :-)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Book Review : "Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul". A Book Of Miracles.

Before I write this review, I would like to Thank Blogadda for selecting me to review this book. I’m a person who strongly believes in God, in the faith of a prayer and in miracles. So it shouldn’t have been a surprise for me when I received that mail from Blogadda stating I was selected to review this book. In spite of it, I was surprised. Ever since”Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul” was up in Blogadda, I very badly wanted this book and I applied for it, with so much of hope. Out of the many souls who had applied, I’m happy that I am one among the 10 chosen to review this book. I read this book at a time when I was feeling quite low, for some reason, and I felt as if this was God’s way of telling me not to lose hope, that too just as we begin a brand new year. Thank you God. Thank you Blogadda. God is great! Indeed!

Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul : A Book of miracles, is a collection of personal experiences of people , who at some point of time in their lives have felt the ubiquitous  presence of God , helping them overcome their fears and troubles. This book has people from all walks of life narrating their experiences where they felt the divine intervention,  to help them out.
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