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Sunday, January 27, 2013

ABC Challenge #5: E for Echo

For a while, I was clueless about what I was going to write for E. Nothing seemed to be appropriate. Thanks to the small kid who was asking his father about why he kept hearing his own voice over and again, for having given me another idea for my blog :-)

Just so you know, echoes aren't restricted to Physics alone, they have a lot of significance in our everyday lives too.

Wikipedia says, Echoes are reflections of sound, arriving at the listener some time after the direct sound.

Think about this. There is one world. Some people like to live here, some people don’t. Some people are always cynical, while some can’t stop lavishing praises on its beauty. But still, there is just this one world. How is all this possible?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

ABC Challenge #4 : D for Dusk

Another day comes to an end.

It is time for him to rest. 

He prepares to leave...

This picture was clicked near Mughal Gardens, Srinagar

..and finally calls it a day!

This picture was clicked near Mughal Gardens, Srinagar

After all, even he is human :-)

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Vista D90 Experience!

Like any other day, I logged into Facebook to stay in touch with what was happening around the world. A blogger friend of mine, Sowmya had posted something in our Chennai Bloggers Club page. A bright red poster from Blogadda was occupying a lot space on the wall. Reading further I realized that it was a Product Review. 30 Bloggers were to be given an opportunity to experience Tata Motor’s  latest car, Vista D90, for a period of 3 days. Since I was in the initial stage of driving a car (having taken my license almost a year back) I was interested  with this offer and immediately registered and kept my fingers crossed.

The good-natured and kind-hearted souls at Blogadda selected my name for the Product review. I got a mail from them confirming that I was one among the 30 lucky people who would get to experience the car for a full three days. God, I was so happy and so excited.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

ABC Challenge #3 :C for Challenge

I'm taking up a personal challenge this year. Here are the 13 things I plan to avoid in 2013!

# 1.To stop laughing, all the time.

Please don’t come to the conclusion that I’m mentally unstable, it’s just that my laughing threshold is very low. Some might laugh if they hear something funny. Some might laugh if they see something funny. But I laugh even when I hear/see someone else laughing. It’s sort of contagious for me. I don’t need any reason to laugh, I see someone laughing and I start laughing.  Another thing is, I relive the situation that made me laugh and end up laughing when I’m alone, like when I’m travelling in the bus(silent bus) and suddenly  start laughing or when I’m working in my cubicle(silent atmosphere) and suddenly start laughing. I hope you get the drift :-D

#2. To stop depending on Mom to wake up

They say if you do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit. I beg to disagree.
Mom used to wake me up at 6.30 or 7 when I was in school. For the last 5 years  at school I had to get up at 5.30.For my 4 years in college I had to get up at 6. These days mom starts waking me up from 6.30 and would go on till I woke up with that just-received-an-electric-shock-expression on looking at the time.  I’ve overcome so many difficulties  in all these years, but getting up in the morning is always a daunting task for me. Except on holidays or days when I’ve to get up early to catch a flight I’ve never woken up on my own. When mom was away for a while, I had to make sure I kept 3 alarms and that too beyond my reach. That is something I hope to change ;-D

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ABC Challenge # 2 : B for Boundary

This is one among the many photos that I clicked at Mughal Gardens, Srinagar.

Sometimes, we find ourselves unable to breathe properly. We find ourselves confined to a space and we impose restrictions on ourselves. We assume and take things in our hand and console our hearts that the self imposed imprisonment is for the best.

It is sad to think that many people are pushed to a corner and forced by others to live in restricted quarters. What is worse is when we force ourselves to do so.

Monday, January 7, 2013

ABC Challenge #1 : A for Achiever

Recently when someone asked me what my definition of an achiever was, I said ‘An achiever is someone who sets a goal for himself and successfully completes the task’. When my friend further enquired about what kind of a task befits the definition of an achiever, I found myself coming up with a lot of theories but I wasn't able to find an exact answer. A little later the realization dawned on me that there can never be a universal definition, and that to each and every person the definition varies.

Image Courtesy : FreeDigitalPhotos
God is smart. When he made us human beings, he decided he would keep one thing common to everybody, he made everyone different. So everybody is as unique as everybody else. That’s the similarity. No two people are the same. Similarly no two people face the same situation or obstacles. What appears a mammoth task for someone might be a cakewalk for someone else. That would again depend on a lot of factors. It wouldn't be appropriate to come to a conclusion and decide who is better. People are good in their own way, but the question still remains.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The ABC Challenge!

New Year. New Hopes. New Challenges.
Image Courtesy : FreeDigitalPhotos

Life would be boring and monotonous if we do not have something to keep us on our feet. Even after a hectic week, we would need just about two days to unwind and let all the stress flow out. Beyond a certain time frame, spending a lot of time doing absolutely nothing would definitely be boring. So it is actually a blessing in disguise if life throws challenges at us every now and then.

But what if Life has stopped throwing challenges, for a certain period of time, but you feel the need to do something significant?  You take up a challenge on your own.

Ever since I read about the ABC Challenge in Anuradha Srinath(Vaish)’s Blog : Life is beautiful, where I had been tagged,I had this nagging feeling. My heart was constantly asking me to take it up, but my mind was on other things. But now, I feel I should listen to my heart and take up the challenge.

Now what is this ABC Challenge?

This requires a blogger to post pictures, one for every letter. Now, considering that I've just begun learning the nuances of Photography, I very gracefully excused myself from that and I decided that I would write posts, one for every letter.

So starting tomorrow, I will write one post for every letter, among other posts too. Are you with me? 

A good way for me, to start this new year :-)

Ready.All set. Go!

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