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Sunday, February 24, 2013

ABC Challenge #8 : H for Humor

Humor is not something that everyone is good at, nor is it something that everyone can appreciate.

Despite the general perception, if you can appreciate the humor in any situation that comes your way, you would come to realize that life is a lot more fun. It would actually amuse us, if we get to see the lighter side of all things in life. I don't mean just reading jokes and laughing , Generally we laugh when we find something funny or something funny happens to someone.But above this, is the ability to be able to laugh at oneself. Not necessarily sarcastically or in the satirical sense. It is always easy to laugh at one's own problems and keep it off our minds, rather than give it unnecessarily importance and choke ourselves.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

ABC Challenge #7 : G for Good Samaritans

Yes you read it right. Plural it is.

There are many of them out there who still believe in ‘Doing good’ and helping others, even if they do not see themselves gaining anything from it.

Despite popular belief, Good Samaritans do exist at this day and age. In fact, we do come across so many good Samaritans every day, but we fail to recognize them.

Like, there was this Old man on the bus, travelling with me. I've seen him quite often in the same bus,  but haven’t spoken with him. One day, he had forgotten to bring his purse. The conductor, who was also familiar with the Old man, did not know what to do. Just when the Old man was contemplating getting down from the bus to avoid embarrassing the conductor, another regular traveler offered to pay for his ticket and even gave him an extra 500 bucks so that he wouldn't have to travel empty handed. The old man was overcome with gratitude but refused to accept it. After a few minutes of persuasion, the person who offered the money, told the Old man, that he could very well return the money the next day. Having heard that, the Old man was happy and he accepted the money with the promise of returning it the very next day. There you go, I saw a Good Samaritan that day.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

ABC Challenge #6: F for Facepalm

And you thought, I'd already given up? Not at all :-) I'm back with F.

Back when I was new to twitter, I used to refresh the trends to see what was hot and happening, around the world. That is when the hash-tag 'Facepalm' caught my attention.Confused, I immediately went to Urban Dictionary, and this is what they had to say,

"The only logical answer to a stupid question or statement"

All my doubts were at peace when I read this line. Out of curiosity, I searched for it in Wikipedia, which has an opinion on almost everything and this is what Wikipedia said.(just try searching in Wikipedia for the most weirdest of terms, you'll know)

"A facepalm (sometimes also face-palm or face palm) is the physical gesture of placing one's hand flat across one's face or lowering one's face into one's hand or hands. The gesture is found in many cultures as a display of frustration, disappointment, embarrassment,[1]shock, surprise or just plain sarcasm."

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