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Sunday, March 24, 2013

ABC Challenge #12 : L for Life

We’ve heard it time and again but there is so much to it than what meets the eye. Life is an enigma to most of us. It’s not something we read about and watch the events unfold. It takes its own course and prefers to have its own turns and twists. Clueless and unpredictable as it may see to the untrained eye, Life exactly knows what it is doing and where it is headed to. It’s just that a normal human is incapable of trying to deciphering it to a T.

Life works in a very strange way. It gives you something when you don’t ask for anything and refuses to give you  something when you desperately need it , or when you think you desperately need something. When racing down the road, we have a vision of what lies in front of us. But Life lies a step higher and it has a vision of not just what lies immediately in front, but what lies in the impending future as well. So life is poised in a strategically comfortable position to make choices for us, most of the time, right choices. But we are oblivious to this fact, of course.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

ABC Challenge #11 : K For Kashmir

Here are a few pictures from my Kashmir trip. By far, the most memorable trips I've ever had :-)
(Kindly click the pictures to get a better view.)

At Hazrat Bal Mosque. The pigeon did love this :-)

At the ever beautiful Dal Lake

Green Tunnel,On our way to Pahalgam, this was apparently
 of one the places near the Indo-Pak border

Saturday, March 9, 2013

ABC Challenge #10 : J for Jealousy

She tried to be as good as her.

She tried to be as smart as her.

She was determined to find out what was special about her.

She tried to change herself to be just like her.

Just one step away from finding her secret,

she realized that she had lost herself in the maze.

Very often, we try so hard and focus on being like others, that we forget what God has gifted us with and ask for something that is far lesser than what we're blessed with. Remember, each one of us is as unique as everyone else. There can be no one like us!

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

ABC Challenge #9 :Inglish(Indian-English).

(Dear Grammar Nazis, kindly excuse my intentional errors, for this post alone)

After writing about H for humor, I thought I would follow it up with another post of the same theme. So here it is, our very own language, customized to the needs of the Indian Soul, Inglish :Indian English.

Indians are a funny breed. Seriously funny I tell you. In the past two weeks I’ve watched more than 2 videos on how funny Indians are and how even more funny their English is. So I’ve compiled a list of certain phrases that are considered typically Indian. Not necessarily erroneous ones, just a different way of speaking.

Here you go,
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