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Thursday, May 30, 2013

At TEDx, as a Speaker!

Update: You can watch the video here

One fine Saturday, just like any other normal human being, I was out there, checking my mails, for the usual stuff. And then this subject, caught my attention.

To : Ashwini C N

Subject : Invitation to speak at TEDx@RSPuram on May 25 at Taj Coimbatore 

During my speech, about 'What Blogging has taught me about Life' 
The minute I understood what exactly I was getting myself into, my happiness knew no bounds. It was just an out-of-the-world feeling. I can hardly describe in words the emotions that ran through me at that point of time. I was so happy that if someone had asked me to get them a truck load of Ice creams, I would have happily obliged. At that point, nothing mattered much to me, than to tell it to my family and watch their reaction and excitement.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ABC Challenge #16: P for Priorities

As unique as we all are, our priorities are all different.It's as simple as that. Still some people fail to understand this simple logic.
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When I was young I always imagined myself working in a very hectic atmosphere, running around here and there for getting things done. I did not particularly wish for it, but somehow God answered my prayers even before I could tell him and that dream came true. For the past few months, I had to put up with a very tough time at work. Meeting deadlines, facing eleventh hour challenges. Though it demanded my nerve and soul, I kind of enjoyed working in that hectic pace. I had to make a lot of sacrifices. I had to skip meals, I had to talk less over the phone with my family, I spent less time at home, I had to work during the weekends.I spent less time sleeping and I hardly spent time doing anything that I usually would have done.

So, when one is subjected to such a routine for almost 4 months, priorities do change.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

ABC Challenge #15 :O for Opinion

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Everybody has an opinion on something. Earlier people never expressed their opinion unless they were asked about it, since there was no particular medium available for everyone. Thanks to the advent of the Social media, these days it is easier for people to express their thoughts and make it known to the world. Well there is nothing to blame about here. People have a right to express their opinion(or that is what I think).

But the problem is when people give their opinion about something and others try to justify why a particular person’s opinion was wrong.

For instance let’s say Michael reads a book and he decides to review it in his blog. He would naturally write about how he felt the story was and whether the book was worth reading. That is fine. Let’s say Michael gives a positive review for the book, but another guy Lincoln did not like the book and has a different opinion. Upon reading Michael’s blog, if he expresses his opinion and leaves, that is fine. But when he gets to the task of arguing with Michael with the sole aim of trying to point out that he was wrong, that’s when things take a bad turn.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

This one is for Me.

I had to write this.

How would it feel to be standing at the place you’ve dreamed of? How would it be to stand there without having to owe anyone anything except perhaps your Mom? How would it  feel to have accomplished something all by yourself, through sheer hard work and perseverance without an iota of luck? How would it feel to have climbed all the rungs in the ladder, all by yourself without having to even bother asking others for a favour? How would it feel to stand there and bask in the light of success and realize that you’ve accomplished a feat, and that you alone the reason for it to happen?

Out of this world, I tell you.

Yes, I’m exactly in the position I’ve described above. It took me days, months and years to get to where I’m standing now. To accomplish something and to get recognized for it without taking help is indeed a tough job. The results might not be instant. But after years of patiently waiting for things to unfold the way you wished they would, that feeling , just to be standing there, is simply ecstatic.
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