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Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Habit of Writing!

When I was young, almost everyone who I came across would give me tips as to how to study better. Much as I disliked listening to every individual’s version of ‘How to Score 95% easily’, I was surprised to notice that almost everyone had one point in common. They all unanimously advocated the habit of writing down points while studying. They added that it would help the brain retain information better if it was put in writing.

Easier said than done like most other things, I tried as much to implement it and include it as and when I was studying. But apart from Maths and later certain derivations in Physics and Organic Chemistry it wasn’t entirely possible to write everything down. The theoretical papers for instance. You had volumes of information to be assimilated and writing them down would probably have helped me cover just a few topics but not all of them. So keeping in mind the big picture, I never took to this habit seriously except for certain papers.

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