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Monday, April 21, 2014

Woes of a Foodie!

And that, ladies and gentlemen is why I'm never successful in my attempts to lose weight.

Because mom knows when I'm full and when I'm really full and when I can still manage to eat Poori and Kesari. :-)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The IT Way of Life.

Stressed. Depressed. But always well dressed.

This is what the world says about IT professionals.

I recently came across an article where it has been remarked that IT professionals did not have the concept of evening time. The more I thought to myself about it, the more sense it made. We get up in the morning, a few of us are lucky enough to find time for workout and then we hurriedly freshen up to leave for work. What happens during the rest of the day is slightly blurred. When people from Non-IT field prepare to leave at 5 that is when we head over to the cafeteria for a break. If we are lucky enough, we would be home just before our family decides to call it a day and retire for the night. We come back famished, hog whatever is edible and whatever we set our eyes on, wait for a while and then hit the bed.
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