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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What makes you happy?

I stumbled upon an old post of mine which was written along similar lines. You can read it here. Happiness Is...

I was reading an article online and I stumbled upon this question. I assumed this question must have been for the ‘Happiness Is…’ series (of which I’m a big fan) and then I noticed that the author had asked people to list things that make them happy , without them being directly involved. I liked this train of thought. Personally, I’ve always associated happiness with things that make me feel good, or when I’m the recipient of some good deed. So it was interesting to think of situations which genuinely made me feel happy without being directly involved.

Here is what I thought of while I was riding back from work.

Happiness is … Seeing planes take off.

I’ve traveled enough by planes, yet I always get excited whenever I see a plane taking off. It’s amazing how something that was on the ground a few minutes back, just soars in the air and heads for the skies. I always relate to it fighting against all odds and moving on to pursue one’s dreams :-)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Article Published : Decision Awaited - Will they or Won't they?

An article that I had written here has been published in The Hindu Open Page :-)

The article is on how some people take ages to make a simple decision. You can find the article here.

Call me old school, but there is something amazing about seeing your name in print, especially when it gets mentioned in a reputed daily like The Hindu. No matter how many times it happens, every time I feel happier than the previous times.

Thank God and the person in charge for the open page articles, they had somehow missed mentioning my name in the web version and promptly updated it after I wrote to them.

And thank you dear bloggers for all your support and feedback, which has made me the person I am today.

Thank you! :-) 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Who is your Superhero?

I met a few friends last week and we were catching up with each other's lives.  We spoke about a few things and then the conversation veered off to superheroes. We weren't exactly arguing who was the best, it was more of an analysis (where the Batman always stood first!). And then people were voicing out their favourite heroes.  We were still talking along the lines of fiction until one friend mentioned a real-life person whom he considered as a superhero. We got talking along those lines and it was interesting to note how small gestures could make anyone a superhero. Later, when I was driving back, I was trying to remember instances where I really thanked God for sending a superhero/guiding angel in my way.
Image Courtesy : FreeDigitalPhotos

I was 4, mischievous to the core and really gave a tough time to anyone who had to or volunteered to look after me. I was visiting a relative's place with my Grandma and my sister. While playing, I saw a hole along the platform. Curious to see what was in that hole I bent slightly to take a look. All I could see was a dark deep hole (dug for a bore well and unattended), I then knelt down to take a better look. Before I knew it I had slightly lost my balance. If not for a driver who happened to see me bending down and rushed to pull me back, I'm not sure how life would've been. At that time, I did not know why Grandma was shouting at me, and I thought she was cross that there was mud all over my dress. That driver, was an angel who came from nowhere and saved my life.

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