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Monday, June 13, 2016

Traffic Woes of a Common Man!

There was this person who never missed reading his daily horoscope. One Monday he read that he would feel powerful that day as the decisions which he was bound to take would impact many people. He felt happy and positive. Half an hour later while he was fighting with an MTC bus driver just before the famous Tidel Park signal for having bumped onto his car, he recalled the words he had read that morning. Being responsible for a huge traffic jam in one of the busiest junctions in the city and holding up many vehicles, he continued his arguments unaware of how he was delaying a hundred others who were waiting to cross the junction.

I am a simple person who leads a simple life. I wake up, drink filter coffee, go to work, get back home. I keep to myself mostly. Just like how I don’t bother people around, I prefer not to be disturbed when I’m busy with my routine. So my annoyance is justified when I’m stopped while travelling, predominantly when I’m on my way to work. I don't mind paying for my mistakes, but why should I bear the consequences of someone else’s mistake? 

I’m sure many of us would have been in this situation where the entire world conspires against us when all we’re trying to do is to get to our destination. Let me explain a few common scenarios where people knowingly or unknowingly block traffic.

VVIP’s day out!

I've always wondered how VVIPs claim to lead the life of a common man, when they haven't been forced to stop owing to traffic jams. One can never empathise with the life of a common man unless they get stuck in horrible traffic when they're late for work or trying to get back home. We understand that the VVIPs are on their way to work, but hello! the rest of us aren't jobless. All of us have some work or errands to do and just because some “high-profile” people decide to step out, it is very unfair to bring the entire city to the halt, specially during peak office hours. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Of Random Conversations with the Soul #5

It’s been a while since I noticed that despite wanting to write and having a plethora of ideas, I was just not able to bring myself to get started. My weekends have been pretty hectic with a lot of planning, shopping and other wedding related stuff. When I'm not occupied with any of this, I sit in front of the TV and watch something for hours together without wanting to be disturbed. The problem is, even amongst the madness, I get so many ideas to write, but somehow the discipline to sit and get going with a post has been missing for a while.

You wouldn’t believe if I told you that this year, I did not write a post to celebrate my blog anniversary. Despite having lots to say , I couldn't. I had time, but I couldn’t. I had the words, but I couldn't. I realised focussing on multiple tasks did take its toll on me. My mind kept wandering, making it difficult for me to give my undivided attention to a single task. I realised I kept getting bored for no reason and in the attempt to use my time well, by avoiding doing something that was of no interest, I had ended up juggling a lot of things and wasting my time. 

Mutli-tasking is, was and will never be my forte.
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