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Monday, July 25, 2016

Playing with the flow of thoughts!

I hate interruptions.

As much as I’m known for my ability to speak for a considerable period of time in a conversation, I ensure I take a pause every now and then. It gives them a breathing space to assimilate my messages. However I simply hate it when I’m explaining something and people keep asking 101 questions even without having the patience to listen to what I’m trying to say. Most questions would’ve been completely avoided if they hadn't interrupted and paid attention to what I was saying.

In my previous role at work, I was a part-time soft skills trainer. As much as I loved conducting training sessions, there were a few things which used to put me off, though I eventually learned to handle them. I always say that people can ask questions during the course of the session and don't have to wait till the end of the session. I assumed that people would at least hear me out and let me finish a point before jumping into their own conclusions and throwing questions at me. I understand people want to get their doubts cleared, but at least let the other person complete their sentence? It’s just like how Google sometimes doesn't even allow you to complete typing your query and throws pages after pages of what it thinks you are looking for! Sigh. Am I asking too much?

I hate interruptions while writing too.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Of the days gone by!

I was pretty sure June 2016 would be the most memorable month of my life. Not only because I was getting married, but also because my dear ones were all coming for the wedding and I had planned for a holiday. I was really looking forward to all the rituals because that meant I would get to spend more time with everyone. At the back of my mind a clock was ticking and I knew the family time would last only for a while, so I was determined to make the best out of it. Amidst the rituals, dinners and get togethers and it was obvious everyone wanted to make the best of the few weeks that was available. It was all laughs and smiles. I knew it would be memorable. I knew I’d remember it all my life.

A month away from all that madness- here I am in July wondering how the previous month sped away. The wedding is done, the get togethers are done, the vacation is done and everyone is almost back to their routines. Sometimes when I look back, I hope to recollect all June happenings of the last month. As fast as it happened, it looks like it went on a 2x speed and now I’m having trouble remembering clearly what all we did. It’s all very vague until someone else tags along and we start speaking about what we did. We take time and pause and slowly recollect the events. I had taken very few photos because we hardly had time for that and I really wanted to have fun in person instead of taking a picture every minute. Thankfully the random photos threw some light and helped recollect the happenings of the previous month.
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