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Sunday, August 21, 2016

What's in your list?

There is something magical about seeing something written in print. There is always a good feeling about writing —be it your new moleskin, a new pen or if you are a blessed soul, a wonderful handwriting. That’s perhaps the reason people value hand-written notes and letters more than they value emails. Now that hand-written anything has almost become a thing of the past, people have started appreciating its beauty. Also, if you’ve happened to read any productivity hacks or quick tips on being organised, they all state the one thing our school teachers always insisted on.

“Write it down”

Writing something down has been the age old way and perhaps the best way of learning something. Our brains retain information better when we write them down rather than just holding them in our minds. And that is why when there are tasks to do, people ask you to write it down so that you don’t forget anything or have to worry about remembering everything every now and then.

A list a day, keeps your pending tasks at bay!
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A few years back my mom left me in charge of our home and went abroad. That was probably the first and only time in my life I wished we were in an apartment and not in an independent house. There are a lot of responsibilities when it comes to an independent house and I had no idea how I was going to manage them for the few months my mom was going to be away. I knew that I would have to stay organised and work with a plan, because I knew for the fact that taking care of our home was not as easy as how mom made it seem. I also knew that the more I spent planning and coming up with a plan, the less I would have to worry later. And that was true!
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