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My TEDx Video

After telling the whole world that I was invited to be a speaker at a TEDx event, most of them couldn't believe it and asked for proof.

After many months of patience, here is it, my TED Talk for you :-)

You can watch the video here

At TEDx, as a Speaker

My 18 minutes of fame.

I got to speak at a TEDx event that took place in Coimbatore on May 2013

You can read about my TEDx experiences here

The Story of My Name

There is a story behind everything. There is a story behind my name too.

I knew what my name stood for and I was prepared to answer any questions about my name.

Until one day, someone asked me,'You have such a nice name, who named you?'

It did not strike me until then to ask my parents that question and like a detective I uncovered the mystery.

You can read the Story of my name here.

My Dream Career

Someone asked me about a career opportunity, which would be a dream come true for me.

They asked for one. I gave them eight. You can read all about My dream career(s) here

My Article Published in the Open page, THE HINDU 

I am overwhelmed even today to say anything about this, you can read it right here

The Story of How I Learnt to Whistle

As I said earlier, there is a story behind everything.

Right from my childhood I used to admire people who could whistle. I tried many times but gave up.

One fine day, someone taught me and I practiced and practiced and finally learnt to whistle.

You can read all about it here

Singara Chennai

I love Chennai more than anything.

It is the paradise that has given me an identity and a little bit of fame.

How could I not write about it on my blog. You can read the article here.

The Art of Speaking

If someone remarked that I was very talkative, I would take it as a compliment.

Speaking, is an art. I keep telling people around me, but no one seems to listen.

Would you at least read it and tell me?

You can read it here.

Someone's Blunder, Your Tragedy!

Are you one among those who would gracefully accept having made a mistake,

But would  grumble at the thought of having to face the consequences of someone else's mistake.

This one is definitely for you. Please go ahead and read the article here

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